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Releases & Format
krijalDate: Monday, 2008-12-29, 3:22 PM | Message # 1
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Audio Video Interleave. Video format used in most PCs running Windows. He defines such as video and audio are attached to each other, without specifying a codec.

The CAM is a "rip" done in the film, usually with a digital camera. Sometimes it is used a tripod, but most often it is not possible, leaving the shooting tremida. Because of the available seats in the cinema will not always be at the centre, can be filmed with different angles. If cut (cropped) properly, it is difficult to differentiate, unless it has subtitles on the screen, but often the CAM are left with black edges on top and bottom of the screen. The sound is recorded with the built in camera and microphone, especially in comedy, laughs are heard during the film. Due to these factors, the quality of sound and image tend to be very bad, but the times, with luck, the film is almost empty and only low noises are heard.

A copy of the final release of the DVD. If possible, is launched on the Internet even before the DVD of venda and / or rent be launched. The quality should be excellent. DVDrips are launched in SVCD and DivX / XviD.

Same conditions of the screener, but with a source of DVD. Normally with letterbox (black bands), but without the extras that the DVD end (of venda and / or rent) may have. The ticker does not usually stay in the black bands, and may interfere with vision. If the "ripador" has the minimum of knowledge, a DVDscr should leave very good. Usually get past SVCD or DivX / XviD.

It is the format owner of Real Networks, a major opponent of Microsoft in the segment of multimedia online.

R5 refers to a specific format of DVD region 5. In an effort to compete with piracy, the industry decided to create this new format that is produced faster and cheaper than traditional DVDs What differs from traditional DVDs is that the R5 are tranferidos directly from a telecine without any kind of image processing, and without any further. Sometimes the R5 DVDs are released without audio in English, demanding that the groups use the piracy of audio from another source. In this case the release has the description. "LINE" to distinguish those who have the audio of the original. The image quality of an R5 generally can be compared with a DVD screener. At the end of 2006 some groups such as DREAMLIGHT, mSs PUKKA and began to appoint its Releases of. "R5" and suggested that other groups do the same.

A telesync has the same characteristics of a CAM, but it uses an external source of audio (usually an earphone in seat for people who do not hear well). A source of audio Direct does not guarantee a good quality audio, as many noises can interfere. Often a telesync is filmed in an empty cinema or the projection booth with a professional camera, creating a better image quality. The quality varies greatly, so make a sample (sample) before downloading the movie entirely. Most of Telesyncs are CAMs that were labelled the wrong way.

It is a format based on MPEG-1, with a constant bit-rate of 1150kbit in a setting of 352x240 (NTSC). VCD's are generally used to obtain a lower quality with the goal of smaller size. VCD's and SVCD's are timed in minutes, not in MB, so that when a look, seem larger than the disk capacity, and in fact may lie 74min in a CDR74.

It is the abbreviation of Motion Picture Expert Group and is the source to search for formats of video in general. The group sets standards in digital video, they are among the standard MPEG1 (used in VCDs), the MPEG2 standard (used in DVDs and SVCDS), the standard MPEG4 audio and various standards - including MP3 and AAC. Files containing video MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 can use both. Mpg on. Mpeg the extension.

Format created by Apple for the Quicktime, its multimedia program - also available for Windows.

It can be used for an alternative to. Avi and may contain Ogg Vorbis, MP3 and AC3 audio, all formats of video, information on chapters and subtitles.

NTSC and PAL are the two main standards used throughout the world. NTSC has a frame higher than the PAL (29fps compared to 25fps), but the PAL has a definition of better quality. The two kinds of patterns can have variations, and that in Brazil you use the standard M-PAL and NTSC in the U.S., to TVs, video-cassette, DVDs

MPEG-4 Part 10 AVC/H.264 is a digital video codec that achieves high rates of compression. It was developed by ITU-T Video Coding Experts Group (VCEG) in conjunction with ISO / IEC Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG). This partnership was known as Joint Video Team (JVT).
H.264 is a name given by the ITU-T to describe patterns of H.26x video, while stroke was the name given by ISO / IECMPEG, who completed the project by the end H.26L left by ITU-T.

The PDTV are caught in a PCI card with TV DIGITAL, usually generate the best results. Often we see the rip also labelled as HDTV, but the differences between these two terms are only technical. The groups usually present in SVCD, despite rips in VCD / SVCD / DivX / XviD be accepted in the TV rips.

A host of telecine copy of the film digitally rolls. The sound and image tend to be very good, but because of the equipment and costs involved, the telecine are very rare. Generally the film will be with the aspect ratio (proportion) correct, though there are telecine of 4:3 (full screen). TC should not be confused with TimeCode, which is a counter visible and fixed throughout the film.

Episodes of TV networks that are (caught using digital cable / satellite) or "PRE-AIR", using the sources of satellites that send the program for networks with a few days' advance.

These are basically VCD / SVCD improved. Both are capable of definitions and best rates, but very high. Very difficult to find.
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good info...

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